Hampton Bay Mena Ceiling Fan


Transform your living space effortlessly with a contemporary ceiling fan that seamlessly merges style and functionality. This guide will lead you through the installation process of a QuickFit LED ceiling fan equipped with color-changing technology, promising an efficient and elegant solution for your home.

Key Features:

– Integrated Dimmable LED Module:
Revel in the energy efficiency of a 21.5-Watt LED module that offers dimmable lighting. The color-changing technology lets you pick from three light settings (2700K, 3000K, or 5000K) to create a customized ambiance.

– QuickFit Technology:
Experience an installation process 50% quicker than traditional fans, thanks to QuickFit technology. The magnetic light kit effortlessly attaches in seconds, simplifying the setup for an efficient experience.

– Modern Styling and Finish:
The matte black finish and five matte black blades provide a sleek, modern look that complements various interior styles. The shatter-resistant frosted white plastic shade adds sophistication to the overall design.

– Quick Install ABS Blades:
Enjoy the convenience of quick install ABS blades that snap into place without screws. This feature streamlines installation, letting you enjoy your new ceiling fan sooner.

– Convenient Remote Control:
Take control with the included remote, adjusting fan speed, light intensity, and color temperature from the comfort of your seat.

– Powerful Reversible Motor:
Experience optimal airflow and year-round comfort with the powerful 3-speed reversible motor, catering to both summer and winter needs.

– Dual-Mount Capability:
This fan adapts to flat or angled ceilings, offering flexibility in placement. An extension downrod (sold separately) allows for angled ceiling installations.

– Damp Rated for Outdoor Use:
Suitable for covered outdoor locations like porches and patios, this damp-rated fan provides both style and function in outdoor spaces.

– Lifetime Motor Warranty:
Rest easy with a lifetime motor warranty, ensuring the durability and longevity of your ceiling fan.

Installation Steps

– Preparation:
Prioritize safety by turning off the power at the circuit breaker before starting the installation process.

– Identify the Location:
Choose the ideal location for your ceiling fan, considering both aesthetics and functionality.

– Locate Ceiling Joists:
Use a stud finder to identify and mark the ceiling joists, ensuring a secure installation.

– Mark and Cut the Hole:
Mark the center of the installation location and cut a hole in the ceiling using the appropriate tools, avoiding any existing wiring or plumbing.

– Install the Electric Box:
Secure the ceiling fan-rated electric box to the ceiling joist and attach the mounting bracket, ensuring stability.

– Prepare and Connect Wiring:
If no existing wiring is present, consult a professional electrician to run wires to the new electric box. Connect the fan wires to the ceiling wires using wire nuts.

– Attach the Ceiling Fan:
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the ceiling fan to the mounting bracket, securing it in place with provided screws.

– Test the Installation:
Before closing up the electric box, turn the power back on and test the ceiling fan to ensure proper functionality.

Enjoy the perfect blend of style and convenience with a QuickFit LED ceiling fan that not only elevates your living space but also offers efficient, customizable lighting. For any uncertainties during installation, consulting a professional electrician is recommended for a safe and successful outcome.