How to remove ceiling fan blades

Do you need to remove your ceiling fan blades? When looking on the Internet, you’ll often find articles that talk about how to pull down the entire fan, or how to disassemble the fan. However, in some cases you may be looking for details on how to remove the blades, just so you can clean them, or perhaps to take a look if you have bent or warped blades.

Although your fan manual may have more details on how to remove the blades from the fan, it’s generally straight forward to do this. Whether you have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan or another brand, these instructions are generally generic in nature, so you can apply these learnings from one fan to another – regardless of the brand.

OK, let’s get started. The first step is to power down the ceiling fan, of course. You don’t want to be trying to pull the blades off the fan when the fan is still turning – it would be near impossible. Once the power is off, you may also choose to turn the fan off at your breaker box or fuse box. This is important for ceiling fans where you may have a pullchain hanging around, that you feel that you may accidentally touch or interact with when working on the fan.

How to remove ceiling fan blades

Once the power is off, look for the blade bracket. The blade bracket will have screws that connect to the motor. Generally, there are two or three screws. Most of the time, these screws required a Philips head screw driver. However, it is possible they may be a different screw head. You’ll need to hold the blade in place while you unscrew the blade from the motor. If you have a friend to help you, it’s always nice to have more hands in these situations, so the blades don’t fall down on you while trying to remove the blades.

Once you have the blades removed, cleaning them is easy with just a damp cloth. Don’t use chemicals or soap on the blades as this isn’t necessary – just a damp cloth will do the trick as mentioned.