How to register Hampton Bay Warranty

If you’re searching for how to register for a Hampton Bay warranty, you can do so by filling out the warranty registration card. While this card does come with a Hampton Bay fan, it is also easily accessible online as well. We have the link to the card available on this page. When you click on the link to go to the warranty card, it will bring you to the Home Depot website. You can fill the card out, however there is no details on the card where it should be sent to.

With that being said, there is a toll free number on the warranty registration card: : 1-877-898 1881

Here is a link to the warranty registration card for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan


How long do I have after purchasing my fan, before I can no longer register my fan?

The timeline presented in this warranty card is ten days, which is not a lot of time. So as soon as you purchase your fan, you should register it as quickly as possible.

We recommend if you did buy your fan at Home Depot, and you have never registered the warranty, that you may want to call the above toll free number to obtain support. You can also post comments on this site and we will help answer questions that you may have about registering your Hampton Bay fan.