How to find Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Are you trying to find a replacement Hampton Bay ceiling fan part? There are a few things we should explain about this first, in order to help site visitors to find the parts that they need.

The first thing is – we are not the manufacturer. Secondly, Home Depot carries Hampton Bay as their house brand. This means that Home Depot, as well as Lowe’s have the largest selection of Hampton Bay ceiling fan parts available. We often get requests for things like Hampton bay replacement ceiling fan blades, or capacitors, or replacement glass globes, etc. The truth of the matter is that while many online retailers like Wayfair, Amazon, etc. say they carry these parts, it is very difficult to find first party replacement parts available through these retailers.

Walmart does have some selection of replacement parts and Hampton Bay fans but their selection is limited.

What should I do first to find Hampton Bay replacement ceiling fan parts?

Your first stop is to actually contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer of Hampton Bay is Litex – not Home Depot. Litex is a ceiling fan company out of the United States, in Texas to be more precise. Litex manufactures a variety of ceiling fans and holds other brands as well, for instance Craftmade ceiling fans. If we’re being completely honest, Hampton Bay isn’t a terrible brand but some of the other brands that Litex manufactures have better quality. The ceiling fans you will find in Home Depot that are branded Hampton Bay, are affordable but they aren’t always of the highest quality rating. This is what leads consumers and homeowners to looking for replacement parts and often having to circle back around to Home Depot or Lowe’s where the fan was purchased. In a way, you can consider that this may be structured in such a way to return you to Home Depot where you can do more “impulse buying” in the store. We’re not trying to knock Home Depot or the Hampton Bay brand, but when it’s difficult to find parts anywhere else, it leads to this train of thought.

Why can’t I find Hampton Bay ceiling fan parts anywhere other then Home Depot or Lowe’s?

Again, we recommend calling Litex first to see if they can help you to find the part that you need. Hampton Bay is the house brand of Home Depot and as such, Home Depot (and Lowe’s) carries the widest selection of Hampton Bay parts. Also, we do recommend going into the store then calling Home Depot. Store workers are often much more approachable in person and calling the store means long hold times while they try to find someone with product knowledge to come to the phone. You’re much better off going into the retail location then calling a nearby store.

Hampton Bay Replacement Ceiling Fan Remote
A replacement Hampton Bay remote is a great example of a ceiling fan part that is very common, in terms of needing replacement. Replacement remotes like these can be found in multiple retailers, whether in person or online. However, when it comes to more specialized parts like replacement ceiling fan blades, or glass globes, you’ll likely have to contact the Hampton Bay manufacturer and/or Home Depot to find a replacement part.

What is the phone number for Litex, the Hampton Bay manufacturer, so I can get support?

The phone number, email address and mailing address for Litex is provided below. Please let us know how your experience goes with contacting Litex – we’d love to hear if you were able to get help, or not. We understand that by the time you contact the manufacturer, you may already be frustrated and unhappy, however we ask that your review of calling Litex is impartial to this and that you only let us know how the support experience with Litex was – not about how frustrated you are with your ceiling fan issue. Keep in mind we are also not the manufacturer of Hampton Bay fans.

Litex phone number: 1.800.527.1292


If you are not able to get help from Litex, you can also call Lowe’s technical ceiling fan support: 800-445-6937

Is it a better idea for me just to replace the ceiling fan instead?

This is a great question, and sometimes the answer is simply: yes. If your fan was around $100 USD to purchase, it’s often a much simpler and quicker resolution to simply replace the ceiling fan instead. If you’ve already invested hours in finding a replacement part, you may want to consider just replacing the fan. Also, let’s say you’ve found the replacement Hampton Bay part that you’re after, but now you’re faced with the task of installing that part. How comfortable do you feel installing the part? Do you have help? With installing a part like a replacement Hampton Bay glass globe, as an example, you could really use an extra set of hands to help you install that. One person needs to remove the globe while the other person helps to ensure that the globe does not fall down to the floor and smash. This happens very often when replacing a light bulb as well, so keep this in mind.

If you have to do wiring work on your fan, you may also choose to simply replace the fan. Having to pay an electrician if something goes wrong with the fan, will often cost more then the fan itself.