How to Attach a Light Fixture to a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Would you like to attach a light fixture to your Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze ceiling fan? The first step is understanding – can I attach a light fixture to my ceiling fan? This is a question that many site visitors do ask, and it’s certainly a valid question as well.

We’ll walk you through all the steps needed to understand if you can attach a light fixture to your fan, and then attaching one if it makes logical sense to.

The first step will be to assess, whether you can attach a light fixture or not. The best way to do this, is to first shut off power to the ceiling fan. This is common for almost any project that you begin, as it relates to lighting in your home. To effectively shut off the power, we recommend actually turning off the power at the source. This means your circuit breaker or fuse panel box (which is generally in your basement). If you can’t figure out which breaker is correct, one thing you could consider doing is just shutting off power to the entire panel.  Your items in the fridge will be OK for 20 minutes or so.

The next step is to figure out whether there is a housing cap on the bottom of your ceiling fan. Take a look at the bottom, at the middle of the ceiling fan. If your fan is able to have a light kit attachment, it will go there. To take a closer look, try removing any screws, pull off decorative base covers or etc. There are some fans that will not allow you to attach a light kit, but many fans on the market are built with this mind. If there is no housing assembly at the center, or nothing you can remove then you cannot attach lighting to the ceiling fan. Try looking for a housing cover; sometimes they are hidden behind a cover, but if you quickly find there is no such cover and nothing being hidden, then you cannot attach a light kit.

Ceiling Fan Housing Cap
The below is what a ceiling fan housing cap looks like. Removing these caps exposes what’s underneath and allows us to see if there is a spot for a light kit or not.

If there is a spot to attach lighting to your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, now it’s time to take a look at the wiring for your fan light. Look for wires that are labelled for the light assembly. They may be previously capped off and thus waiting to be connected to a fan light. The colors you need for wiring the light attachment are the following:

  • Black – generally for the power connection to the light
  • White – neutral wire
  • If you see any wires labelled lighting power, this is a step in the right direction that you’ll be able to attach a light fixture to your ceiling fan.

Next, it’s time to measure the attachment point where the light fixture connects to the ceiling fan.  Once any decorative plates are removed and you’re able to see the area you’ll be installing the light fixture in, measure the diameter and make a note or draw a picture of where the screw holes are. This will help to source a light fixture to connect to the fan.



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