Hampton Bay Vaurgas Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades

Model #77144

Hampton Bay Vaurgas Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Vaurgas Ceiling Fan

The Vaurgas is a 44 inch ceiling fan – so, if you’re looking for blades for the Vaurgas, they need to be 44 inches long. Finding these blades that work with the Vaurgas isn’t easy. We checked all of the following online sites, and none of them had actual replacement fan blades available for the Vaurgas ceiling fan:

Amazon.com – We checked this site. You may be able to find 44 inch blades that are compatible, but not the actual blades for the Vaurgas.

Wayfair – no parts available for replacement Hampton Bay blades

Home Depot – We didn’t find particular fan blades for the Vaurgas on the Home Depot website. They may have these fan blades available if you call their support, maybe. If you do try calling Home Depot support and you are able to locate some fan blades that way, please let us know.

Hampton Bay Vaurgas Ceiling Fan Blades
After checking many online resources like Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot and more we found that replacement blades for the Hampton Bay Vaurgas were available on E-Bay.

The winner is E-bay – we did manage to find some replacement blades for the Vaurgas there.

If you wish to purchase these replacement fan blades, please see below for more details.

Cost:  $150 USD + shipping

These fan blades have limited availability and may not always be available. If you would like to purchase, please post a comment below and we will reach out to you to arrange shipment to your address.