Hampton Bay Rockport Ceiling Fan Manual

The Hampton Bay Rockport ceiling fan is a traditionally styled fan. The fan features a quiet motor, which is also nice in terms of keeping the room cool but not being too annoying while doing so. In terms of installation, installing this fan is easy and straightforward. The fan features an easy mounting bracket that slides on. Fan blades also install in a simple fashion. The fan features a three light kit; bulbs are 9 watt LED bulbs.

Fan features include pull chain use. This fan does not include a remote control, so this is important to note as well.

The fan has an appealing brushed nickel finish.

Hampton Bay Rockport Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Rockport Ceiling Fan

What kind of information will I find in the Hampton Bay Rockport Ceiling Fan Manual?

The kind of information you will find in this manual includes tools needed to install the fan, how to install the Rockport ceiling fan, any safety warnings you should follow (like turn off the power before installing), as well as troubleshooting information. Often a good place to get started, if  you are having a problem with your fan is the instruction manual that was packaged with  the fan. However, in many cases homeowners sometimes lose the manual or misplace it over time, and as such you may be looking online for a place you can download the Hampton Bay Rockport ceiling fan manual.

  • Fan control: Pull chain
  • Number of lights: Three
  • Fan width: Between 50 and 54 inches
  • Damp or Wet Rating: Dry Rated (should not be exposed to water or moisture, not an outdoor fan)
  • Blade finish: Black

Where can I download the Hampton Bay Rockport Fan Manual or print it?

You can obtain a PDF download of the Hampton Bay Rockport ceiling fan manual here. If you would like to download the Rockport ceiling fan manual, click here to download it directly. Once the manual is downloaded, you can then print it off using a program like Adobe Acrobat or whatever makes the most sense to you. Sometimes, site visitors use other programs then Adobe Reader, such as Foxpro. There are many programs that can be used for this purpose.

If you need another manual and you’re not able to find it here at Hampton Lighting, please let us know. We’ll do our best to find the manual, or whichever part you need and get it posted here for your review and/or purchase as soon as possible.