Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

Are you looking for a replacement part for your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan? Finding a replacement part can sometimes be a challenge. There are a few avenues to explore, and we help outline all of these different avenues here on this page.

Typically, you can find Hampton Bay replacement parts in the following places, or use the following methods in terms of locating help to find a replacement part:

  1. Searching online for a replacement Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze part
  2. Visiting a local retailer, or perhaps the retailer where you originally purchased the fan
  3. Checking online stores for the above mentioned retailers
  4. Checking with the manufacturer by calling their phone number or sending them an e-mail for support
  5. Posting a question to community forums in order to assist with the request.

Common Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

The most common parts that site visitors look for are generally remotes, fan blades, light kits, glass globes and capacitors. Let’s talk about some of these replacement ceiling fan parts below, as well as other Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts that you may be looking for, to replace parts on your existing fan.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades

One of the most frustrating things is when you need a replacement fan blade, because you have a warped fan blade, broken, snapped, etc. It’s not like replacing a capacitor or fan remote because this is a part that has to match exactly to the other fan blades. If you have a problem with a fan blade, but not sure which blade it could be, try using a blade balancing kit to troubleshoot the issue. Once you’ve ascertained you do indeed need to purchase a fan blade replacement, you have two options. Option one is to replace just the fan blade that’s problematic, however in order to do this you have to find the exact blade from the manufacturer to replace the existing.

Most homeowners wind up going with option two, which is replace all the blades. This is because there are times where you simply cannot find the fan blade that is an exact match to the size, where the screws go into the blade and the last bit which is sometimes the most problematic – matching the existing fan blades in terms of their theme, finish and/or decor. Finding just one blade to match an existing set, can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Hampton Bay Replacement Ceiling Fan Blades
Finding the proper set of Hampton Bay replacement fan blades can be a challenge. It’s often easier just to replace all the fan blades, as long as they match up in terms of being the right size, etc.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes

Ceiling fan remotes are one of the most problematic items when it comes to using a ceiling fan. That’s not just relevant to Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze fans, either – remote control problems can happen with any ceiling fan. If you’re having an issue with your remote, we recommend troubleshooting the issue before going directly to replacement. With that being said, remotes are generally not expensive, so if you’ve already spent a lot of time researching and troubleshooting, at that point you can go ahead and replace the remote control.

In terms of troubleshooting a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote, we do recommend you read our remote control troubleshooting guide first. It’ll walk you through checking the batteries and checking the dip switches as initial things to check, and then move onto more advanced troubleshooting as needed.

If you can’t find the original remote to control your Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, then you could also try using a universal remote instead.



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