Hampton Bay Barrow Island Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Barrow Island Ceiling Fan effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, making it an excellent addition to any room. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s interior or seeking relief from the summer heat, this ceiling fan has you covered.

Model number: AC5520D

Blade span: 52 inches

Hampton Bay Barrow Island Ceiling Fan
The Hampton Bay Barrow Island Ceiling Fan is a plain white ceiling fan – no rustic finishes here. Might work well in a room with white paint on the walls. The Barrow Island fan is affordable, with an approximate price of $120 USD at the time of this writing.

The Barrow Island Ceiling Fan boasts a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends into a variety of interior aesthetics. Its versatile appearance makes it an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional settings. The fan features beautifully crafted fan blades that provide not only excellent air circulation but also a touch of sophistication. Available in a range of finishes, such as brushed nickel, bronze, and white, you can easily find a version that complements your existing decor.

One of the primary purposes of a ceiling fan is to enhance air circulation and provide cooling comfort. The Hampton Bay Barrow Island Ceiling Fan excels in this aspect. Equipped with high-performance fan blades and a powerful motor, it delivers a consistent and refreshing breeze throughout the room. This not only helps maintain a comfortable temperature but also allows you to reduce your reliance on air conditioning, potentially lowering energy costs.

Where to purchase the Barrow Island fan:

  • Amazon.com does not have this fan available
  • Home Depot carries this fan and it is available for $120 USD
  • No other sites were found, in terms of being able to purchase this fan – other websites were sold out, or didn’t carry the fan. If you find other major retailers that carry the Barrow Island fan, and you’d like to let us know about it, feel free to by leaving a comment below.

Does the Barrow Island fan come with a remote?

The Barrow Island fan listed on the Home Depot website, which is an all-white fan with a 52 inch blade span, does not appear to come with any remote control. It has a pull chain in the pictures and there is no remote mentioned at all in the product description, therefore it appears to be operated by pullchain only.

The fan is also light kit adaptable but does not appear to come with a light kit, either. This fan is a little light in terms of the accessories that actually comes with it. This may be due to the fact that the fan only costs approximately $120 USD at the time of this writing.