Hampton Bay Bali Ceiling Fan Manual

Model numbers: 131-875


We recently had a site visitor ask the following,

“Hi there, how’s it going! I have a Hampton Bay Bali ceiling fan, which has a 52″ blade span. The glass globe fell down and has smashed. I am trying to find a replacement for it. I tried purchasing a Hampton Bay universal light kit, but the globe from the new light kit didn’t fit the Bali fan. How can I get a Bali globe that will fit, where can I find one?”

Answer: This is a great question, and one we get asked often about Hampton Bay fans. While it makes sense that a replacement universal light kit from the same manufacturer would fit most of their fans, there is also the anomaly sometimes where this universal kit simply does not fit. We’ve heard all kinds of stories, like homeowners trying whatever they can to find a globe that will fit. However, due to the different shape that the Bali fan has, you may need to reach out to customer support in order to obtain an answer. You can click this link for details on Hampton Bay customer support phone numbers to call for help in this regard.

We haven’t found any light kits yet that work with the Bali. If you have, please be sure to post a comment to this page and let us know where you found a light kit that successfully fit onto the Bali ceiling fan.